We bought our cage from Glitter Pets in Mississauga, Ontario. He has a good selection of cages, and also platforms, bowls and other cage accessories.


The clean up on this cage is surprisingly easy. Its big and bulky to pull the tray and grate out but they wash off really quickly. It runs about $500Cdn but its well worth it because even with more than one bird they have plenty of room. If I have to be out for several hours I don't worry about them getting stressed.

We bought our play stand from Crafted Tree Products in Aylmer, Ontario. They attend bird and pet shows so you can see what you're buying and take it with you right then.


I had been shopping around for a java tree for some time. Once in a while they come up on Kijiji but even used tends to be expensive. I saw this one at a bird show and got it at show price. It was too perfect to pass up.

Toys and Food

You can usually find a small aisle of bird supples, sometimes half an aisle, in big box pet stores. But even then the offerings for larger parrots is usually quite lacking. Here's some of the places I've been able to find around where we live.


We buy most of our food from Aves Canada. The owner, Fleming, sells bulk bags of African Grey mix very similar to the Versele-Laga one for Greys. Our Greys love that stuff. He also has a very good selection of all popular brands of bird food, as well as supplies for breeding and hand-feeding. They also have a huge selection of beautiful live birds for sale. The bird section is absolutely immaculate, with water and food dishes always super clean and full. The birds are very well cared for.


Exotic Wings and Thingsis a little gem of a store in St. Clements (near Kitchener, Ontario). You might almost drive by it if you didn't catch the signs on the side of the building but go inside and the owner, Mark, has just about anything you could possibly need for your birds. They also have rescues for rehoming, and social nights for bird people. They do sell supplies for other animals as well but the staff I've met there have all be very knowledgeable about birds and its obviously a focus.


If you've bought larger parrot toys you know that they're often about $30 to $50. I restore the replacement wood pieces to save a bit. Paradise Perchhas a great selection of both ready made toys and toy parts. I can create most any large toy with the parts I get from there at a much lower cost than buying a new one.


Big Al'shas a better bird supply selection than most other chains. They sell Zupreem and other name brands in bulk packs for less than the retail package. And you have a better chance of finding a few large toys to choose from and larger perches as wel. I've bought bulk Zupreem, toys and my birds Aviator Harness' there. Not all Big Al's have a bird section though so check with the location before you go. The one in Hamilton is great for bird supplies.

Avian Vets


Its really important to find an Avian vet and emergency contact before you need it. When birds get sick they can go downhill quickly.


Here are some good places we've found:


Carlton Animal Hospital

St. Catharines, Ontario

Dr. Joseph is very knowledgeable about a large number of animals having worked at the Toronto Zoo prior to opening his own clinic. He's extremely gentle with animals and kind to owners. We've had him treat our dogs, cats, bunnies and birds.


Maplecrest Avian & Exotic Veterinary House Call Services

Barrie, Ontario

Dr. Kim Kosari can be reached by phone at (647) 567-BIRD (2473), even better just text her. She comes right to your house and also does grooming. It's not easy to find an avian vet but one that does house calls is fantastic! We've had her in to do wing clipping and nail filing and it was obvious they were comfortable with her on her first visit. Our greys were talking and our conures suggnling into her face. It's so much less stressful on the bird. Dr. Kosari works in the areas of Barrie and Toronto.


Campus Estates Animal Hospital

Guelph, Ontario

Dr. Mazzocco performed major surgery on my bunny when she was badly injured in a fight with another bunny. She went on to live another 10 happy and healthy years. Campus Estates can be a bit pricey but they are well worth it. They offer very specialized care and 24/7 emergency care. They have several avian vets.

Shows and Expos

National Caged Bird Show


This was in October 2016 and is a yearly show in Richmond Hill, Ontario. There are several booths and some will have show prices or at least no tax. There are also shows and prizes given for winning birds. You can get bird toys, food and other supplies and you can also buy live birds there. There is an admission fee, it was $8 when I went. I bought the play stand fromCrafted Tree Productsthat day at about $200 off the regular price so it was well worth it.


Fall Canadian Pet Expo


Held at the International Center in Mississauga, Ontario. They have this in the fall. Lots of vendor booths but only a handful focussed on birds.


All About Pets Show


This was a yearly show in the Spring. It was huge with a LOT of vendors and cover every pet you can imagine. It was held at the International Center in Mississauga. I've been a few times but not in recent years and the website indicates they're reorganizing it. Hopefully it will come back.