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Taz is a Congo African Grey

Taz is a Congo African Grey (a CAG). He has been part of our family since he was about 11 months old.


We were told he was hatched in April of 2015.





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Monkey is a Congo African Grey

She came to us all the way from Holland and has a band dated 2016. Judging from her eye colour and the timing of her first baby molt of downy fluff, she was likely about 6-7 months.


She would have been hatched either very early 2016 or late 2015 (bands are not always exact).





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Kiwi is our Green Cheek Conure

His tagline, if he had one, would be "I'm not a bad bird, I just do bad things". He is a clown and loves to play and entertain. He's also incredibly cuddly. This is a common trait of GC Conures and they are a great starter parrot for people that have no prior experience. However, they are a long commitment. They live to about 30 years and need lots of time and attention.


Kiwi was hatched in the last week of Feburary, 2014.